Circular Attachment and a quick visit to the Husqvarna Factory Museum

27 feb 2015 Indsendt af Lena Kantis

A week has passed very quickly. I have been sewing a lot this week, for instance tried the Circular Attachment for the first time. Great fun! I am working on an instruction for the bag on the package. I did have a small visit to the Husqvarna Factory Museum today. I took some pictures to share...

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Cutwork Pillow and Wrap

23 feb 2015 Indsendt af HUSQVARNA VIKING®

An elegant, decorative pillow will dress up a room like nothing else. Enjoy stitching out one of the Appliqué Cutwork designs to make this a showstopper.

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6D™ Software Newsletter - February 2015

12 feb 2015 Indsendt af Chris Baker

This month we will look at the SuperDesigns, Embossing in Stitch Editor Plus, creating a .4qb to use as a stamp in Design Creator, and the Combine tool in 5D Quilt Design Creator.

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Neat edges on my new dress!

6 feb 2015 Indsendt af Lena Kantis

To have an overlock is a great time saver and it does make the edges look fabulous.  I have sewn a dress this week, and it is looking great both on the inside and outside thanks to the overlock! Take your time to learn how it does work, it is worth it many times over.

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6D™ Software Newsletter - January 2015

15 jan 2015 Indsendt af 6D™ Embroidery Software

This month, take a look at the ExpressDesign Wizard, the Modify Design Tool and the Motif Underline feature. Also learn about Fills in 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator.

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