NEW! Circular attachment. NEW! Circular attachment.

The possibilities available with the Circular Attachment are as unending as the circles it creates!

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Endless Ribbons & Straps Endless Ribbons & Straps

Why not update your old bag with a new stylish strap? The Endless Ribbons & Straps embroidery collection gives you the possibility!

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Our NEW 3D Flowers Collection has bloomed!

Create pop-ups and floral designs using appliqué that adds additional texture. Designs spring to life with a completely new look and appear so real you might just be able to smell them!

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The "Double Use" Apron

Someone said once, “When baking or cooking, a good apron is the difference between spills and

splatters on your clothing and keeping things nice and clean”. But this apron will also keep you from

burning your hands because of its “built in pocket potholder”. Your potholder is out of reach, grab your

pocket and you can safely remove the boiling pot from the stove.

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Do you have something in mind you want to sew? Find the perfect accessory for your machine to make it happen!

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