Table Runner

Please note that the instructions for this project are based on the DESIGNER EPIC sewing and embroidery machine but the project itself can be completed with any HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing and embroidery machine.

Click here to download design file.
Sewing Supplies
Cutting Instructions
  • Cut 2 strip from the coordinating print 31” x 1.75” (78.7 x 4.4cm)
  • Cut 2 rectangles from the bold print 11” x 6” (27.9 x 15.2cm)
  • Cut one large rectangle from the solid cotton 43” x 12” (109.2 x 30.5cm)
  • Cut one rectangle from the solid cotton 35” x 8” (88.9 x 20.3cm)
    Note: You may want to consider cutting this piece after embroidering the designs if you are not comfortable with you Design Positioning abilities.
Arranging Designs on Screen
  1. Download the design from the website and save to a USB stick or your mySewnet cloud account.
  2. Enter Embroidery Edit and load the design on screen.
  3. Change your hoop to the 260 x 200 DESIGNER Crown Hoop.
  4. Touch and hold the design to open the Smart Toolbox or open the Toolbox to duplicate the design until you have a total of 6 designs on screen.
  5. In the JoyOS Advisor turn on your grid in Embroidery Edit.
  6. Arrange the designs so you have 4 in a diamond shape with the squares facing in.
    Tip: Use the grid for accurate design placement.
  7. Then add 2 of the shapes at the top of your diamond.

Embroidering the Design
  1. Hoop your stabilizer.
  2. Enter embroidery Stitch Out Mode by pressing GO.
  3. On the Welcome to Embroidery Stitch-Out screen, select Baste Around Hoop and press Continue.
  4. Attach the hoop and then place the smaller rectangle fabric, with 1-2 pieces of batting underneath it, over the hoop.
    Note: Start at one end with the majority of the fabric hanging off the back of the machine so as you embroider you move the fabric towards you.
  5. Smooth the fabric and the batting and press START/STOP.
  6. Continue smoothing the fabric as it bastes the fabric to the stabilizer.
  7. Then stitch your design as you normally would.
  8. When the first set of the design is done, un-hoop the stabilizer and remove the stabilizer from the design.
  9. Select the fix icon on screen and select Baste Around Hoop.
  10. Place the fabric and batting over the hoop.
    Note: Make sure 1-2” (2.5-5cm) of the previously stitch design is still in the top of the hoop.
  11. Baste the fabric and batting to the stabilizer, smoothing the fabric over the hoop.
  12. Select the Design Positioning icon.
  13. Select Step 1 and align the crosshairs over the middle point of the design.
  14. Select Step 2 and check that the needle of this middle point aligns with the middle point of the previously stitched design. This will make sure your new design is centered.
  15. Select Step 1 and align the crosshairs over a part of the design that should touch the previously stitched design.
  16. Select Step 2 and adjust the needle’s position until the needle is just at the top of the previously stitched design.
  17. Select Step 3 and align the crosshairs of the other side of the design that should be touching the previously stitched design.
  18. Select Step 4 and make sure the needle is touching the top of the previously stitched design. Make adjustments on screen to move the needle if you need to.
    TR-icon12.png   TR-icon13.png
  19. Press OK when you are happy with the position of your design.
  20. Press START/STOP to stitch the placed design.
  21. Repeat steps 9-20 for each re-hooping.

Sewing the Project Together

  1. Use a ¼” (6mm) seam allowance unless otherwise noted.
  2. Trim your embroidered rectangle to a squared off 35” x 8” (88.9 x 20.3cm).
  3. Sew one coordinating print strip to each long side of the embroidered rectangle.
  4. Press the seam allowances towards the printed strips.
  5. Sew the bold prints to each short end.
  6. Press the seams towards the bold prints.
  7. Place a piece of batting behind your pieced runner top and place the large solid rectangle under the batting.
  8. Pin or use a temporary spray adhesive to sandwich your layers.
  9. Attach the Clear Stitch in the Ditch foot to your machine.
  10. Use a centered straight stitch to stitch in the ditch along all your pieced seams.
  11. Sew the bias binding along the edges.
  12. Trim any excess threads.
  13. Decorate your space with your new unique embroidered runner.


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