Gift for a Christening!

Posted by Lena Kantis

The most memorable gifts for a Christening last Saturday were made by Maria that is working in the marketing team.


She created two gifts, a wonderful bunny, that she embroidered using the Husqvarna Viking®Design Collection #172 “Be My Bunny”.


It is very fun to make this as you embroider piece by piece, and then sew it together. The design collection is available at


Second gift was a personal Christening card using the Husqvarna Viking® 5D™Card Shop.

Amazing quality of her portrait stitch in sepia colors. The picture had been taken by a cell phone of the baby when she was newborn. It is amazing.

See how wonderful it does look.

Happy Sewing!


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I'm not a big fan of the cutting out eehtir. Or the finishing off for that matter... it is the middle bit of the process - the really sewing and assembly that I enjoy the most.Happy sewing!!!
3/24/2013 6:44:41 PM

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