September 2012 Free Project: Stocking Gift Card Holder


Make this “In the hoop” Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holder Ornament using the September 2012 free design. It’s quick and easy to make, so you will have plenty of time to make lots for the upcoming holidays!

Get the September 2012 Design Now

Which File is For Me?

Download the .vp3 format for Designer Diamond, Designer SE, Designer Topaz or if you have 3D, 4D or 5D Embroidery software.

* Download the .hus format for software other than 3D, 4D or 5D Embroidery Systems. *The .vp3 format uses true thread colors keeping the downloaded design colors closest to the original.

Click here to get September 2012 Free Design Instructions (PDF with the instructions)

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It would be great to see a few more embroidery pctoerjs that can be downloaded. I have had my embroidery machine for several years and have yet to use any designs on it. So many techniques to learn and to far from any place to go and learn. So yes as a once in awhile thing I enjoy Sew News as it is but having a little embroidery pctoerjs every so often would be Great. Thanks for the contest too would love to win Catus Punch
3/24/2013 7:48:02 PM

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