Innovations for a New Overlock Experience

Feel the joy of the perfect finishing touch! 

With the innovative HUSKYLOCK™ machines, overlock sewing is fast, easy and fun. They add professional finish and decorative detail from the inside stitches to the outside hems.

Beautiful stitches
– Add a professional finish and decorative details.
Trim, stitch, overcast or embellish a wide variety of fabrics in half the time! All three HUSKYLOCK™ machines feature 3 and 4-thread capabilities for seaming and overcasting. Use 2-thread stitches for a lightweight finish. On HUSKYLOCK™ s21 machine you can sew Chainstitch and Coverstitch (6 mm and 3 mm) for construction and hemming.

Pre-programmed stitch settings
- Automatic settings on HUSKYLOCK™  s21 machine eliminate test sewing.
Choose stitch program and the machine automatically sets the best thread tension for you. No need for guesswork.