Embroidery collections

Embellish your creations with beautiful embroidered designs.

The HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Collection is a giant bank of all HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery cards. Available as optional accessories.

Easy Cutwork
This designs collection together with the optional Inspira Cutwork Needles accessories you will be able to create inspiring and unique designs.

Decor is an exclusive embroidery collection especially designed for the DESIGNER™ Majestic Hoop using an innovative technique where multiple layers of thread, cut from above, give the design a spectacular velvet touch!

Create wonderful embroideries for your home and more with the Thread Velvet™ Decor collection designed for the Designer Majestic Hoop.  To obtain this rich and velvet look using the Thread Velvet™ technique, simply cut your embroidered threads in the designated areas.  The easy to follow instruction booklet includes directions on how to create the Thread Velvet ™ effect, full size patterns, plus how to make an elegant Pillow.

Special techniques butterflies
The Special Techniques Butterflies collection gives you 18 beautiful ways to create one of nature’s wonders – the Butterfly.  Butterfly designs include Realistic, Lace and Sketched looks, perfect for all types of projects. Use these sweet designs to add your own ‘Special Touch’ to a broach, handbag, and so much more. The instruction booklet includes full size design patterns, plus complete direction to make a beautiful Butterfly Handbag.

Cutwork Finesse
Cutwork Finesse includes 21 beautiful cutwork designs which can be used separately or grouped together to create romantic projects.  The instruction booklet includes full size design patterns, plus complete directions on how to make this classic Cutwork Finesse blouse.

Embellish with yarn
With the Embellish with Yarn collection and the Yarn Couching Feet Set (sold separately), it has never been easier to embellish clothing and home décor accessories. The collection included 17 elegant designs of which 6 can be created with the Endless Hoop.  Combine techniques with the yarn embellishment such as cut edge and appliqué to create the perfect project.  Collection includes instruction booklet with full size design patterns and complete directions to make the beautiful Embellished Jacket.

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