Other Useful Software

Microsoft Internet Explorer
This site has been optimized to work ideally using Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 4 and above for PC; version 5 for Mac). Keep up to date by downloading the latest version now.
Microsoft Windows Update
Download the latest updates available for your Windows® operating system.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
To view the online resources on our site, you require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader can also be found on the latest software from Husqvarna Viking.
HASP Dongle Drivers
If you are experiencing difficulties with the 3D Embroidery System Dongle then you may need to download the latest Dongle Driver.
HASP Firmware Update
As part of the 4D Embroidery System 8.1 update the HASP Dongle firmware must be updated, this is included in the 8.1 update.
This utility enables you to update it without having to re-run the update.
In order to speed the download of many files, they have been compressed into smaller files called ZIP files. WinZip is a shareware program that allows you to uncompress these files again.

For simple instructions on using Zip files see FAQ #W005.

Adobe Shockwave Player
To view the Online Demos on this site you require the Shockwave 8 plug-in (or higher). Download this popular program now.
Adobe Flash Player
To use the tutorials for some programs, you require the Adobe Flash player.
Apple QuickTime
In order to get the best from the CD demo of the Designer I you will need the latest copy of Apple QuickTime.
To aid downloading large files on our web site you may prefer to use a download manager; for example the shareware program GetRight. It will allow the download to continue even if an error occurs or the connection is broken.