Swimming Towel Poncho

Posted by Meredith McClanahan
Create the perfect cover-up for the pool side or for your next beach vacation! It’s great for going to & from the water or for the occasional snack break when you need both hands free!

Shopping List:
○ HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Sewing & Embroidery Machine
○ HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Universal Needle: Size 90/14
○ Beach Towel
○ Coordinating Fat Quarter (to make bias tape) OR 1 pkg. ½” Bias Tape
○ Coordinating Cotton 50wt Sewing Thread
○ SINGER® SteamCraft Steam Iron
○ Ironing Board
○ Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot
○ Coordinating Robison Anton 40 wt Rayon Embroidery & Bobbin Thread
○ Large Metal Hoop - 240x150mm
○ INSPIRA™ Magnets for Metal Hoop
○ Sensor Q Foot
○ HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Embroidery Needle: Size 90/14
○ INSPIRA™ Aqua Magic Stabilizer
○ INSPIRA™ Water Works
○ Measuring Tape
○ HUSQVARNA® VIKING® 8” Bent Trimmer
○ HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Safety Stiletto
○ Marking Pen OR Chalk
○ Clips and/or Straight Pins
○ Provided mySewnet™ Embroidery Design OR personal embroidery design

CLICK HERE to Download Project Files (ZIP)
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