Serger Mask

Posted by Diana Cedolia

Serger Set Up
  • Standard 4 Tread Overlock
  • All purpose thread in the needles and loopers

Recommended Accessories
  • Cloth Guide attachment if available for the serger
  • Double Eyed Needle for burying the serger tails
Sewing machine
  • All purpose sewing thread in the needle and bobbin
Fabric and elastic
  • 1 rectangle of 100% cotton quilting fabric 8 ½” x 15 ½”
  • 2 pieces of ¼” or 1/8” that is 6 ½” long



Fold the fabric in half right sides together so the 8 ½” edges touch.

 Serge the 8 ½” edges together.

Use the guide on the Cloth Guide Attachment to keep the seam even.


Turn the fabric right side out and press the seam along the edge.


Fold the fabric in half again matching the 8 ½” edges.

Press the fold to make a crease.

Open out the fabric to see the crease.


Fold each finished edge towards to touch the crease and press the folds.

Open out the fabric.

 You will have 3 creases.


Fold the fabric along each of the creases to form pleats.

Draw a line ½” from each of the folded creases.


Pin the pleats in place.

Do this to both raw edges.


Serge these edges keeping the pleats in place.

Be careful to remove the pins before they get to the serger knife.

Bury the serger tails with a Double Eyed Needle.


Trim the tails off after they have been pulled through the seam.


Pin the elastic to each serged end as in the picture.


 At a sewing machine use a zigzag stitch to sew the elastic in place.


You may now wear your mask.

Click to download and print full PDF instructions.
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