The Design Positioning Feature

Have you ever felt that the size of your embroideries is limited by the size of your hoop?  With the innovative Design Positioning Feature by HUSQVARNA® VIKING®, the size of your embroideries are limitless.

Using the Design Positioning feature, you can place your designs with amazing precision making the match of large embroideries easier than ever before. 
To create a continuous embroidery, you start by choosing a positioning point on the screen. Then move the position on the screen to place the needle in the exact position connecting to the stitched-out embroidery.  To get your embroidery perfectly lined up, set your second positioning point on another part of the design, then fine-tune the angle until it lines up with the embroidery.  The result is perfect! 
Design Positioning can also be used to place a design in an exact location on your fabric. This is ideal if you want to add a monogram to a shirt or even cover up a stain or hole.  
With Design Positioning, joining large embroideries has never been easier!
The Design Positioning feature is available on the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2, DESIGNER SAPPHIRE™ 85, DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50, DESIGNER TOPAZ 40, DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80,  DESIGNER EPIC™, and DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing & embroidery machines. 
If you're interested in trying out the Design Positioning Feature on one of our machines, contact your authorized HUSQVARNA® VIKING® retailer. Click the link below to find a store near you.  
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