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Posted by Lena Kantis
Here is the video of how a you can take one idea into a sewing project, inspiration to create an embroidery from one favorite flower. Watch the video here: Designer Epic_Birth of an Idea.

Before we get going with embroidering and finalizing our samples we test on different fabrics and colors. Here are Karolina and Carina looking at the flower for the blue Epic dress. When everything is decided, it is time to fill the hoop with multiple flowers as it requires a hand full for the decorations.

Maybe you like me? Finding new ideas all the time on what to sew/create? I find out new things every week. I have a new policy for my own personal sewing, that I get help to keep by Eva-Britt and that is: one thing at a time. That does mean I have to finish one thing first before I start a new one.  To be honest I sheet a little by starting new embroideries while I finish with sewing the current project.
I need to be efficient.

Right now I need to finish a dress that I started before summer. It is a long dress in a flowing nice fabric. It will have lining inside in white.

I have taken a few pictures myself of the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic. I like the large multi-touch screen as you can pinch, tap and find smart commands easily accessible. The size and the look as well as the content inside is great. Everything is clearer, easier, and larger. There are so much more built-in features you will be astonished. 

The beautiful blue panel on the right side of the multi-touch screen is looking fabulous as it has got a pattern where the light is flowing in a nice way.

My colleague Linda is one of the people that has been part of the developing of the user´s interface. 
Here is Linda and her daughter, and you will see more pictures of them later as they have been models in a photo shoot a week ago.

Linda says: - "Multi- touch makes the machine very intuitive, you handle it the way you are used to handle devices with touch screens".
Time for me to continue with my dress and my embroideries! I will let you see next time how far it has been developed.

Happy Sewing!

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Lucille Foran
Please tell us about it. What was the happening? Was it just happenstance or was it fixed that way on purpose? I am awed.

Thank you for the info.
9/5/2015 2:52:48 PM

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