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There are many different ways to felt fibers to create three dimensional felted crafts.  Felting fibers with an embroidery machine is the easiest way of all.  This project was made using a design from collection #279, Aqua Magic and different colored roving to create fun flower brooches.  Look for the link to download this free design and give it a try. 

What you need to create your flower.
620114496 -   Inspira Aqua Magic-  4 pieces  9” x 10”
920402096       Felting Embroidery Set  
Download the free embroidery design from collection 279
120 x 120 Hoop
Basic Sewing Supplies, Pins
Roving your choice of colors, greens for leaves.
20” - ¼” Silk Ribbon
Angelina fibers (optional)
HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery machine- the instructions are written for the DESIGNER EPIC but you can use any of our embroidery machines to do this project.
Hoop Aqua Magic Stabilizer in the 120 x 120 hoop


Take the top thread and the bobbin out of the embroidery machine.  Place the grey cup that comes with the Felting Embroidery set where the bobbin goes and place the bobbin cover back in place.  Take the Sensor Q foot off the machine.  Replace the regular sewing needle with a felting needle.  Place the clear ankle that protects the needle on the machine with the screw that is provided.  Consult the instructions that come with the Felting Embroidery set if needed.
Lay the purple roving on the Aqua Magic that is hooped.  Place a second color of roving in the middle of the flower if you like.  Put another piece of aqua magic on top of the roving and pin the corners outside of the design area.


To Create:
Open the JoyOS Advisor™Blog7_Pic4.png
Select Embroidery
Open File Manager. Blog7_Pic5.png
Load Felted flower design.
Touch and hold to load.
Close File Manager.
Touch GO to move to Embroidery Stitch Out
Select Floating foot because you are not using the Sensor Q Foot
Touch Continue
Put on the hoop when prompted
Touch Start/Stop
When finished, take off hoop, turn over and see what the finished flower looks like.  To change the way the flower looks, lift off the top layer of Aqua Magic and add more roving.  Lay the Aqua Magic on top again and pin in place
Press Start/Stop to felt the new fibers into place.
When you are happy with the results, take the hoop off, turn it over and cut the flower outside the felted line.


Wetting the flower allows you to shape it easier, but it is not necessary.
To finish the center of the flower, move to sewing mode.
Touch Return to Embroidery Edit.
Open JoyOS advisor
Touch Sewing.
Select Woven heavy.
Touch Start New
Turn on Free motion, Floating.
Using the felting needle, free motion felt the silk ribbon to the center of the flower to add texture. If you have angelina fibers put them down before the ribbon and then felt through the silk ribbon.  The ribbon will pull in and pucker which is what we want. The angelina will sparkle and add depth to your flower. Do not set the needle in the down position. Stopping with it up protects the delicate felting needle when you stop. Once done take a safety pin and put it through the back of the flower to make a brooch.
If you would like to make leaves, repeat the process with green roving. When you are finished, lay the green felted shape on a table, place the flower on top rotated so the leave show on the bottom.  Felt together with free motion, then add the silk ribbon and angelina.
Fibers like Merino, bamboo, silks, Angelina, cotton and wool batting and different animal fibers can change the look of your felted design dramatically.  HUSQVARNA VIKING® has many embroidery designs collections you can use to distress denim, felt two fabrics together and create your own unique craft projects.


Click here to download a free design!
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