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Soft, non-woven stabilizer with strong, even consistency that provides permanent stability. 
A fabric-like stabilizer with a thin layer of adhesive that allows you to “stick” your fabric to the stabilizer in the hoop.   
A tear-a-way stabilizer with a sticky surface great for hoopless embroidery.      
A temporary iron-on tear away stabilizer
A soft fabric-like stabilizer that dissolves completely in water.
The perfect backing for embroidery on stable woven fabrics.
Provides extra stability when embroidering designs with light to medium stitch counts or density.   
A semi-sheer polyester stabilizer that is very soft yet incredibly strong. 
Used with unstable light weight fabrics such as knits, linen and fabrics with an open-weave.      
A temporary stabilizer that can be used as a backing for most woven fabrics.