mySewnet™ Cloud Quick Start Guide

mySewnet™ services is a common name for several different services provided by SVP Worldwide which contains the following:

  1. The mySewnet™ Cloud: a cloud based service where you can save and access your personal files. In the simplest terms, cloud means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. This means you will have access to your stitches and designs from many resources, such as your DESIGNER EPIC™ machine, your PC computer and via the mySewnet™ Portal.
  2. The mySewnet™ Cloud Sync Tool - Mac or PC: install the sync tool to support synchronization of a local folder on your PC with the content stored in mySewnet™ cloud.
  3. The mySewnet™ Portal: is a website where you can access your own profile information, user account settings, machine information, subscription options and online cloud file management etc. It is easily accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, including mac computers.
  4. The mySewMonitorApp: is an embroidery monitor app that gives you continuisly embroidery status and automatic push notifications when the machine needs attention.

To get started with the mySewnet™ services - follow the instructions below.

1. Register a mySewnet™ Account

In order to use mySewnet services you need to register an account.You can register at the mySewnet portal.

You can also register a mySewnet account from your DESIGNER EPIC™ machine. In order to register from the DESIGNER EPIC machine, you will have to first establish a WiFi connection from the machine. (See #2 below)

The other options on registration is via the mySewMonitorApp or the mySewnet Cloud Sync Tool - Mac or PC.

When you register your mySewnet™ account, you need to verify your e-mail address via e-mail and complete your profile information before logging in to any of the devices.

Note: If you have already registered an account at HUSQVARNA VIKING® product registration since before,
you can use your account to login to the mySewnet™ without creating a new account. All your old machine
information will be brought over to mySewnet.


2. Connect your DESIGNER EPIC™ to a WiFi Network

Now it is time to connect your DESIGNER EPIC machine to your WiFi router. Touch the WiFi button in the upper left corner on your machine and activate WiFi. Select a network from the list of available networks. Enter the password for the selected network (if needed).


3. Sign In to the mySewnet™ Account from your DESIGNER EPIC™

Next, touch the mySewnet button next to the WiFi button.Touch the sign in button to open a pop-up where you can enter your e-mail address and password for you mySewnet account.

The @-sign can be found when pressing the key next to 123 on the keyboard:

Note: If it is the first time you use the mySewnet™ cloud, it is important to sign in to your mySewnet™ account on your DESIGNER EPIC™ machine to be able to reach the mySewnet™ cloud on the mySewnet™ portal, otherwise the mySewnet Cloud will not be accessible in the portal.


4. Download and Install the mySewnet™ Cloud Sync Tool - Mac or PC - 
and download the HUSQVARNA VIKING mySewMonitor App

Download the mySewnet™ cloud sync tool for pc:
 sewnet-20x20.png mySewnet cloud sync tool for pc (zip-file)

Download the mySewnet™ cloud sync tool for mac:
 sewnet-20x20.png mySewnet cloud sync tool for mac (zip-file)

When downloaded, unzip the file and run the file mysewnetcloudsyncsetup.exe file and follow the instructions in the setup wizard. Once it is installed, you will see a mySewnet™ cloud sync tool folder on your hard drive.

Download the mySewMonitor App from FREE from:



5. Sign In to mySewnet™ Cloud Sync Tool and mySewMonitor App

In this step you need to establish a connection between your computer and the mySewnet™ Cloud. Launch the mySewnet™ Cloud Sync Tool by clicking on it under the Programs menu. An icon will appear in the taskbar. Click on the icon on your taskbar and then click “SIGN IN TO mySewnet”. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password for your mySewnet™ account.
Note: The mySewnet™ cloud sync tool requires Windows® 7,Windows® 8 or Windows® 10 in order to work.
When open the mySewMonitor app for the first time you will also have to sign in with your mySewnet™ account.

6. Manage and Store Files on the mySewnet™ Cloud

When putting files in the mySewnet™ cloud, it will automatically synchronize with all three places.
Think of mySewnet™ cloud as one place. If you save, add or modify a file from any of these access
points, it will affect all the other places as well. Manage and store your personal files on
the mySewnet™ cloud from these three places:



You will find the mySewnet™ cloud folder in file manager on the machine. Open the file manager and make sure that the mySewnet™ cloud folder is active. Save your files created in the machine to this folder to synchronize to the other mySewnet™ cloud places.


Login to your mySewnet™ account on the mySewnet™ portal. In order to see the mySewnet™ cloud for the first time at the mySewnet™ portal, you need to login on your DESIGNER EPIC™ machine first. Enter mySewnet™ cloud and you will see all your files save to the mySewnet™ cloud. Upload and create folders to organize your files saved to the mySewnet™ cloud.

mySewnet Cloud Sync Tool

The mySewnet™ cloud sync tool folder can be accessed from the mySewnet™ cloud icon on the taskbar, touch “OPEN mySewnet folder“. You can also find it in your file explorer under “Favorites“. It appears as an ordinary folder and can contain folders within. Drag and drop files to add it into the folder.