Decorative Cutwork

Collection #: 235
Item #: 920315096

This is a creativity packed collection, you have yarn couching, embroidery cutwork needles, lace inserts, endless designs with corners and also designs for the 240 x 150 mm that has alignment stitches for easy 'all-over-fabric' creations. In total 34 embroideries! The designs has been chosen both to support our highly popular accessories and also are in style with what will be the trend for fabrics and garment this summer and fall.

Hoop size
240 x 150 mm / 9.6” x 6”

Endless Hoop Size
170 x 100 mm / 6.75” x 4”



Telai compatibili per dimensioni

170 x 100 mm

240 x 150 mm

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