Embroider Unity Designs

29 jun 2021 Skrivet av Sarah Garringer

Together we rise! Download these free designs inspired by unity! 

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Passport Cover with Digitizing in mySewnet™

11 jun 2021 Skrivet av HUSQVARNA® VIKING®

Make this cute Passport Cover while learning about how to digitize the travel sign post. Incorporate the sign post into the stitch-out of the Project-in-the-Hoop Passport Cover. This project requires a mySewnet Platinum subscription. 

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Donut Zipper Pouch

3 jun 2021 Skrivet av HUSQVARNA® VIKING®

Create one of these fun donut-sized pouches to hold all your things. Choose from one of two included donut embroidery files. You have the ability to change the donut, frosting & topping thread color to whatever “flavor” you crave.

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